The originality and innovation of the methodological approach used for knowledge sharing lies in the combination of an international set of actors with a two-fold process of dissemination of knowledge: internal and external. During the first stage of the project knowledge sharing will take place primarily among researchers that will engage in creating a solid scientific background for the project. On the other hand, in the second stage knowledge transfer will be wider, with the inclusion of external stakeholders such as policy makers and institutions which will result in the creation of new synergies.

The knowledge sharing process will happen on three dimensions:

  • geographical: at the heart of the project lies networking and sharing successful cases and practices between developed and developing countries;
  • academic and social: CatChain promotes both internal knowledge sharing between the academic world and external sharing to society and industry;
  • future oriented: the project emphasizes the collaboration and interaction between senior and junior researchers.

The CatChain research methodology allows transferability of evidence-based results and therefore has the potential to provide international benefits through the research findings that will contribute to reach EU objective of strengthening european excellence and attractiveness in research and innovation.

In this section, results and papers are shared.

Deliverable 1.1: Catching Up among Firms, Industries and Countries;

Deliverable 1.2: Windows of Opportunities, Global Value Chain and Catching Up;

Deliverable 2.1: Research Report on “New paradigms BMs for SMEs for entering, learning and upgrading in GVCs in the era of 4IR”.